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Return to Maui - Meet the Whales


Keith's Birthday 

Warm - for once!

A Little Snow...



Valentine's Day

Matthew's Basketball League

Anna's Last Brownie Daddy Daughter Dance

Destination Imagination (DI)




Girl Scouts

Badges, Port Discovery, Camping, Bridging


Toothless Again...

Matthew is growing up!


Science Projects

Anna - Power from Fruit (and Nana), Matthew - you guessed it - Sharks!


Psalm 23

Anna and Matthew help with the service


Brownie Beach

Searching for Shark Teeth Fossils


Mother's Day Trip to the Science Museum

Baltimore Science Center


Our First Air Show

But Mommy stayed home to get some work done...


Anna Turns 9

Anna's (brief) Violin Career

A (Ahem) Well-Practiced Spring Concert

Anna's Dance Recital

Ballet (The Entertainer) and Modern (Terminator)

Almost Solstice

Pool opens, Father's Day, trip to Elk Ridge Furnace Inn with the Kids


Dive Meets

Matthew's First Year and Anna's 4th

Summer Vacation - Sea World

Sharks, Dolphins and Rays, Oh My!

Vacation - Around Orlando

Islands of Adventure, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Cypress Harbour, Aquatica


Summer Vacation - Hilton Head

Our First Week at SurfWatch

The Pelican Highway went right by our balcony!

Our children's first, real live fad - Silly Bands

Shark Boy

A girl should never reveal her secrets,
but you have to watch

Under the sea, Under the sea, darling it's better,
down where it's wetter, take it from me...

Could I have s'more?


with a stop in Charleston...

Vacation is Over - Back to School!

Anna starts 4th grade and Matthew starts 1st grade

Matthew joins the Cub Scouts

Induction, Meetings, Bowling, Skits, ...

Mommy's Birthday Celebration

Another day, another decade...  ;->


Anna's Science Project


A Party at our House since we went to Disney for the actual day, and the school parade

Halloween - Disney Style

Mickey's Not Very Scary Halloween Party, and Disney to boot...

Kennedy Space Center

The launch didn't go, so we got to tour the center instead!

Matthew Turns 7

As an early present, Matthew loses his front tooth

Matthew's New Room

Out with the old....


And in with the new....




Gloria's family comes to town, and a great meal at Uncle Niel's

Snowy School Day

Anna's New Room

Out with the old...

A Work In Progress


Christmas is coming...


Christmas Eve

A Night for Family and Friends